Comedor de un apartamento tipo Escalinata
Cocina de un apartamento tipo Escalinata
Salón apartamento tipo Escalinata
Comedor apartamento tipo Escalinata
Baño de un apartamento Escalinata
Otro salón de un apartamento tipo Escalinata
Dormitorio apartamento tipo Escalinata
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puerta muralla cocina 1D-1
puerta muralla salon 1D-1
apartamento_escalinata2, Puerta muralla
puerta muralla salon 1D-3
puerta muralla baño 1D-1
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The apartments are located in a recent building on Calle Mayor, in the city centre of Teruel. At 250 m from Torico Square, 100 m from the bus station and 550 m from the train station. Near of the “Wall of Teruel” (dated in the 13th century), which still has towers and portals (Bombardera, Ambeles, San Miguel y Daroca).

We are next to the Lid´l supermarket and the provincial historical archive.

The family atmosphere, the modern decoration, the quality of its facilities and the best location are the main attractions of the apartments.


We advise very close to the apartments: Restaurant Yain, Irish Pub Flanagans (Temple U2), cafeteria Isavis. Tapas Bar The cask, Gregory and Rokelin, can also buy hams at HSA and RokelIn.

It is so easy go towards our apartments by car in approximately 110 minutes from the airport of Castellon, Valencia or Zaragoza. We have own private parking.

C/ Mayor 10, Arrabal, CP: 44003, Teruel (España)

1 Bedroom  and 1 double sofa bed:

2 People  (Couple bed 150cm)

Living room with sofa bed for two people.

Private bathroom.

Full Kitchen

4 People max: 2p + 2p in sofa bed.

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Puerta Muralla